ever wondered what it takes to break into that more luxury wedding market?

hint: It’s not just “more inquiries”

show me how

a consistent source of inquiries: that’s every wedding vendor’s dream, right?  

You love forming meaningful and lasting relationships with your couples by giving them the absolute BEST wedding day!

But sometimes, it seems like a massive FLOOD of inquiries is what it takes to break into the luxury market.

Almost as if there’s some magic sauce to becoming the next Katelyn James or Hope Taylor. 

You’re not *quite* luxury (after all, what even is “luxury,” anyways?), but you’re definitely past the barn wedding stage. And while your former couples refer their friends + family to you, which you SO appreciate, they aren’t your DREAM clients. 

So you’re stuck in what I call the ‘budget bride death spiral’, with literally no clue how to get out! 

Then what ends up happening is you book out more, with mostly low-paying couples, but with no income to show for it.

You wouldn’t dare sacrifice a quality client experience. Never. 

So you suck it up. 

You bite the bullet and stay up till 4 am baking cakes. Or editing photo galleries. Or planning detailed timelines. 

You still give your clients a quality experience, without a doubt. What you end up sacrificing instead is time with family. And if we’re being honest, your sanity. 

Mind if I pour a glass of tough love?

More inquiries WON’T “fix” anything. 

Because even if you received 100 inquiries this month, is your brand set up to meet a luxury client’s full expectations?

That may sound harsh, but I promise I’m saying it with love! Plus, I’m not here to sugarcoat when it comes to building the business of your dreams.

What you really need is...

hear me out

A repeatable system for attracting high-end couples who TRUST you

DEFINITELY NOT inquiries from budget brides (sorry, not sorry) or lowballing couples. Seriously, you’ve had enough of those. You need couples who won’t bat an eyelash at your investment guide.


Nailing this down will give you the freedom to know HOW many clients to take on per year and give you the freedom to serve ONLY the weddings that EXCITE you! Buh-BYE budget brides!!


What’s the point in a wave of wedding inquiries, if you’re underpaid, overworked, and too dang tired to SERVE them? A process in place makes a big difference to clients, but also creates a TON of extra white space in your calendar.


Doesn’t matter if you’re 2 years or 8 years into your wedding business: imposter syndrome is something we ALL face. You’ve got to show up online CONSISTENTLY, form power-house relationships with other vendors, and own your value, for real!

notice a pattern?

ONE thing alone won’t break you into the luxury market

It’s a combination of fundamental pieces that work together as they build traction.

- emily ross

LBD is a zero fluff, take action, inspirational and confidence-building course. I discovered that I'm working 3x as much as I need to be at my CURRENT prices to make what I want to... Jordan literally changed my mindset and life in 7 minutes and 38 seconds in one of the lessons. I can't wait to see where my business ends up because of the changes I have made due to Jordan's expertise in this field. 

It felt like Jordan was speaking directly to me through each section of the Luxury Business Design course

sweet friend, if you're ready to...

Find and book dreamier couples because you’ve niched down to serve a client that LOVES the same style weddings as you do (and is willing to PAY for it)

Slow down and not work 24/7 because you have a FAMILY and crave MORE balance in your life

Have a luxury client experience that makes your couples feel amazing because you genuinely love going the extra mile, learning about their story, and staying connected with them long after you’ve fulfilled the contract

Stop hiding behind the label “little side hustle” or “small business” because there is NOTHING small about you or what you do

Stop feeling guilty about raising your prices because let’s be honest, low prices are burning you out, but you’re afraid if you go too high, no one will want to book you (definitely not true)

It starts with the foundations. And I’m here to walk you through them!

give a warm welcome to...

Luxury business design

The self-paced solution to building the foundation of a high-end wedding business.

Luxury Business Design (yes, the same iconic initials as Little Black Dress) is for wedding pros ready to break into the luxury market and be at the forefront of their industry. With timeless, versatile, and must-have principles by design that never go out of style.

Because every girl needs a LBD. 

And once you’re done, believe me, your business will look great and “fit” just right.

enroll now

- jenny goodale

Jordan’s Luxury Business Design course has been great! What she shares in the video modules is super helpful, but it also comes with homework and handouts that helps me think through what the videos are teaching.  If you are on the fence about deciding to register, I definitely would. It is a worthwhile investment!

[the course] has really helped me think about my business in ways I haven’t before, and specifically addressed doubts I had that I didn’t even know I had!!

Luxury Business Design doesn’t teach you to slap on a higher price tag and call it a day

I help you lay the fundamental building blocks — pricing + packages, elevated client experience, business relationships, showing up as a CEO — that must be in place to book high-end clients while working less. 

This is what I wish more wedding pros knew of so they wouldn’t spend *years* of hustle to book weddings and bend over backward for their couples … when in reality, they never had to.

you'll be toasting champagne every time a dream inquiry signs off on your proposal

Through 4 core modules, you’ll gain everything you need to kick fear to the curb (or at least gently nudge it out of your path) and show up as a luxury wedding brand:

What to do when imposter syndrome hits hard, and how to use it to your advantage. Your industry idols are MASTERS of this. Speaking of industry idols, you’ll also learn how to hack the strategies they use and make them work for YOU

Listen, you can’t sit back and WAIT to become a luxury wedding vendor. You have to SHOW UP as the luxury brand you want to be. This module gives an overview of intentional mindset, differing from the competition, and a polished internal business to attract, book, and serve more high-end clients.

get clarity on:

Showing up as a ceo

module 1:

The subtle difference between going above and beyond vs. bending over backwards for your couples so you can serve them well without sacrificing your business’ needs

The real reason why couples may be price shopping you (pssst it’s not your price tag) and how to be known for your value instead

bonus lesson >

Outsourcing Training with Wedding Pro OBM Caroline, from Caroline Bryant Co.
When you’re feeling like your to-do list, quite frankly, never ends, that could be a good indicator that it’s time to outsource. But where do you start? Caroline will through the difference between a VA, an OBM, and as wedding pro how they can both take more tasks off your plate.

What it really means to understand your dream client — like, really understand them, to the point where they’ll wonder if you’re a mind-reader — so you can FIND them and GIVE them exactly what they’re asking for

Want to work with more high-paying, luxury couples? Then you’ve got to operate as a high-end, luxury brand. But “luxury” is much more than a premium price tag. In this module, you’ll learn exactly how to define your dream client, how to price your packages and the first step to finding high-paying clients.

Finally get to know:

Building a Luxury Brand

module 2:

Easy steps to level up your online presence so interested couples see that the quality of your brand’s visuals aligns with the quality of your service 

How to map out your capacity so you can take on fewer weddings and make MORE! There’s no joy in working weddings when you’re burned out, right?

Make inquiring with you both fun and part of the luxury experience

A luxury price point requires a luxury client experience. In the wedding industry, you know that client experience is EVERYTHING. Then that begs the question — what really goes into a luxury client experience? Well, it’s not jewelry from Tiffany & Co., I’ll tell you that. Or the opposite, corny wedding journals that no one ever uses.

Elevate your client experience in small, but impactful ways as I walk you through how to:

Client Experience

module 3:

Make sales conversations feel second nature because you know EXACTLY who you’re talking to and what they’re looking for

Map out every touch point from the moment a couple finds you on social media to the moment it’s their one-year anniversary

Plan clients gifts that are one-of-a-kind and actually matter (without having to break the bank)

Alternative ways to get in front of new audiences, meet new vendors, and build a reputation in your local or online community

Most vendors expect weddings to fall in their lap once they are in “cahoots” with a wedding planner. There are plenty of other ways to network within your industry and build a solid stream of referrals who completely trust you and what you have to offer. I’m going to show you how.

Rise as a leader in your industry with lessons on:

Brand Expansion & Relationship Building

module 4:

Where dreamy clients are hiding (the ones you actually want to work with) and how to form relationships with them

How to escape the ‘budget wedding death spiral’ of unideal, low-paying couples coming your way

bonus lesson >

6 Blogging + Pinterest Myths Debunked, from Ava and the Bee
Gone are the days of keyword-stuffed blogs and mindlessly pinning on Pinterest because “that’s where couples are hanging out”. Ava and the Bee is here to show you the content marketing mistakes most wedding vendors fall for, so you can spend less time building more visibility for your brand.

PLUS a mood board template you can use for planning styled shoots!

Struggling to make solid relationships with wedding planners? I’m interviewing a good friend of mine, Taylor Batt, who is now one of the top wedding planners in Richmond, VA. Would you believe she used to be my babysitter?!

This is your opportunity to peek inside a luxury wedding planner’s brain on topics like…

Interview with wedding planner, Taylor, from Alyson Taylor Events

The importance of collaboration, networking, and alternative forms of marketing to get in front of new audiences through community

If forming strong relationships with wedding planners REALLY is the key to finding high-paying clients

Where high-paying couples are hiding and how to find them

extra! extra!

What industry leaders are focusing on when it comes to outsourcing, operations, and giving their business the attention it deserves 

My good friend Lindsay from Forza Collective is offering The LBD students an EXCLUSIVE 15% off discount on her course, Market Research for Strategic Brands 

Market research is the ONLY way to understand your dream clients, which we’ll talk about a good deal in LBD. 

But if you want to take things up a notch, you can take her course dive even deeper to gather all this juicy data.

No more guessing what luxury dream clients are looking for. Why not ask them?

EXCLUSIVE access bonus!


- wyeth augustine

Loving this course!! I’ve never even considered things like market research for my business, and Jordan opened me up to a world of possibilities and have my wheels turning! I’m always so impressed by the confidence with which she runs her business, and I know this course is going to give that confidence to so many other wedding professionals looking to up-level in the luxury market!

I’ve invested in SO many courses before, but how jordan breaks down ideal client is different than everything I’ve heard!

You weren’t meant to play small. It’s time to get after those dang big dreams!

pay in full

4 core modules

Course workbook PDF

CEO Resources, Print and Packaging Recs, Showit Template Shop Recs, and Determining your Differentiators PDFs

Mood Board Template for Styled Shoot Planning

JAI Exclusive Discount on Blogs that Book Course by Ava and the Bee

JAI Exclusive Discount on Market Research for Strategic Brands Course by Forza Collective

BONUS Lesson: Interview with wedding planner Taylor Batt from Alyson Taylor Events

BONUS Lesson: Outsourcing training with Wedding Pro OBM Caroline Bryant Co.

BONUS Lesson: 6 Blogging + Pinterest Myths Debunked with Wedding Pro Marketing Strategist Ava and the Bee

best value


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2-month payment plan

4 core modules

Course workbook PDF

CEO Resources, Print and Packaging Recs, Showit Template Shop Recs, and Determining your Differentiators PDFs

Mood Board Template for Styled Shoot Planning

JAI Exclusive Discount on Blogs that Book Course by Ava and the Bee

JAI Exclusive Discount on Market Research for Strategic Brands Course by Forza Collective

BONUS Lesson: Interview with wedding planner Taylor Batt from Alyson Taylor Events

BONUS Lesson: Outsourcing training with Wedding Pro OBM Caroline Bryant Co.

BONUS Lesson: 6 Blogging + Pinterest Myths Debunked with Wedding Pro Marketing Strategist Ava and the Bee

most flexible

2 x $397

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A brand and Showit web designer who’s worked with over 100 wedding pros over the past five years

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Beyond design, the majority of my clients are MOST grateful that I get down in the trenches to help them raise their prices, package their offers, and explain how to attract the dream clients they’ve always wanted. 

It breaks my heart knowing how many wedding pros pour loads of time, energy, and (let’s be honest) money into caring for their clients — without any return.

Truth is, if you’re here, you didn’t necessarily sign up for the whole “running a business” thing. You just wanted to help give people their best day ever, right?!

And you may think since this is your “little side hustle,” that it’s not worth going after more. But it IS. While we’re on the subject, let’s stop calling it “little” because there’s nothing “little” about it! 

You started this business for a reason. You don’t juggle this with your 9-5 (or even recently left your 9-5 to pursue this) just to feel unfulfilled. 

Those big, scary dreams of yours deserve to be reached. It’s time to show up for yourself. It’s time to go after more. YOU are worth it!



- laura greear

Jordan does not play around! She dives straight into the steps of creating a luxury business. I can not wait to apply these steps into my own business. From mapping out your ideal client to figuring out pricing to branding she has packed it all in this course for you! If you are ready to move your business up a notch and create your dream luxury business, Jordan is your gal!!

You’re getting all content with this course. No fluff!

How do you know if LBD will fit like a glove? Let’s talk about it.

You work a full-time job with your wedding business as a side hustle and wonder what it will take to finally leave the 9-5 and pursue your passion

You’ve been in the industry for YEARS, started REALLY growing recently, and are FINALLY ready to run the business you’ve always dreamed of

You’ve only been in business for a couple of years and you’re trying to STOP attracting the couples who always push back on price

“shouldn’t I shadow or learn from the businesses I look up to?”

You’ve already learned a TON from the industry greats. 

If you haven’t gone through their programs, you’ve definitely binged their websites or blog posts.

Here’s the problem: 

Whether you shadow someone in your area or invest in education from other wedding pros, they will only teach you what’s worked for THEM and THEIR specific industry. You’d be replicating a cookie-cutter approach that represents their definition of success, not yours. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work with nearly 100 wedding pros from a range of industries. Wedding planners, photographers, bakers, florists, photo booth companies, you name it. 

LBD gives you a creative spin on timeless principles that apply to ANY wedding business. All the strategies you’ll learn will help YOU create a luxury wedding business that truly stands out from the rest.

Got a few questions? I’m here for you!

frequently asked questions

Is this a course on how to DIY your brand identity or website?

Nope! I’ve spent enough time with wedding pros to know they are REALLY comfortable with all the “pretty” and not so much the business back-end.

Hey, no shame! After all, I design for a living, you know! 

There are a lot of foundational pieces that early-stage wedding pros miss that keep them spinning their wheels, sometimes for years. 

I do talk about the best options for DIYing a website when you need to. But this course is focused on the core foundations of a luxury business. Pricing + packages, market research, marketing, client experience, and growing a CEO mentality.

Once I get more clients, then I’ll enroll Jordan, promise!

I’ve got to tell you friend, that thinking is backward. If you keep doing what you’re doing now, will you be happy with the couples you’re working with and the income you’re making? 

If nothing changes, what will business look like even 3 months from now? You’ll want to ask yourself these questions to decide how much in your business could change if only you had solid foundations in place.

I’m SO excited to jump in! What happens once I enroll?

We raise a glass to YOU, of course! Then you’ll receive an email with details showing you how to log in and access the course materials. This is a self-paced curriculum, so you can take as much or as little time as you need to get through it! 

Will this be a list of “vague” to-do’s like “raise your prices” and “show up on Instagram more”?

Absolutely not. The last thing you need in your business is more busy work that doesn’t give you an ROI. You’re already busy as it is! I’ll be showing you how to reverse engineer your revenue goals based on the lifestyle you want. Then show you the marketing, overarching back-end processes, and business relationships you need to get there.


I’ll tell you that, because of the digital nature of this course, once you enroll I’m unable to offer a refund. BUT I’m more than happy to chat in the DMs with you so you feel 100% confident with your decision!

enroll now

- haley ennis

Jordan has poured her heart & soul into the LBD course and it is obvious how much she wants to uplift other business owners. From her detailed presentation, to the actionable takeaways she leaves you with, to the industry professionals she brings in for bonus content, I can feel her pulling me up the mountain that is owning a business and pushing me into the luxury level!

If you’re wanting to step into the luxury market, Luxury business design is the perfect place to start

let's talk not-so-guilty pleasures

What ingredients are in your favorite cocktail?

Mine has gin, limoncello, raspberry sorbet, garnished with candied lemon peel curls… aaand it’s topped with champagne, obviously. 

While there are TONS of reasons why you’d mix your go-to drink— a girl’s night, out, a special anniversary, a Gilmore Girls binge — when, where, and HOW you drink it totally depends on YOU. 

This is the essence of Luxury Business Design.

It’s all the essential ingredients you need to build a luxury wedding business because, really, who doesn’t look good in a LBD with a cocktail in hand? 

Once you collect the ingredients and swirl them together…
  • You finally have a chance to BREATHE and ask yourself, “Ok, who can I start hiring out to so I can save even MORE of my time?” 
  • You’re making enough income to put money aside for a rebrand that represents the luxury experience you now create, or other business projects you’ve put on the back burner
  • You can really start dreaming about projects you’d like to do around the house, go on vacation with family, step back for a while and understand the BUSINESS it’ll take to do all of it!

Then, it’s up to you to make the magic happen.

You were made for more, friend. You always have been. I can’t wait to see you at the top!

enroll now